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Northside pest management
Pest control services
Canberra, ACT.

If you can't see what your after please call and ask

General pest control treatment  

redback spider canberra act pest control
cockroach pest control canberra act

Comprehensive treatment inside and outside your home

Safe for children, pets and the environment 

Stop pests nesting in and around your home for up to a year. Guaranteed for 6 months.

This treatment targets spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, earwigs,
slaters, ants, millipedes, wasps 
and more.

Mice - Rats 

Guaranteed for 3 months.

Mice and Rats can enter and nest inside your home at any time of year,
but are more prevelent during the colder weather.

Rodents tend to gnaw on anything, which can
cause damage to your home.

rat canberra act

Other pest control treatments

European wasps, fleas, carpet beetle, clothes/pantry moths, ants, bees, wasps and more.

european wasp canberra act

End of lease flea treatment

If you have been renting and own a pet you may be required
to have a qualified pest controller treat for fleas.

flea end of lease pest control canberra act

Current special deals

See specials page.

Treatments available from $80

Can't see your problem pest? Please call or use online contact form
to see if I can help you out.

Call for a free quote

0402 714 840

spider whitetail canberra act
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Northside Pest Management do not treat or inspect for termites or any other timber pests.

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